Justin Carey




Maine the Way is a quarterly publication. Bringing the concept of "slow-journalism" to Maine, Maine the Way takes the time to properly research, write, and photograph their stories. The 160 page magazine leaves plenty of room for each piece to unfold naturally. With a mix of in-depth articles, photo essays, poetry, and illustration, Maine the Way has something for everyone.

I had the opportunity to work with Cam and Christine on the design of their second issue.


01 — Outliers




Outliers is a collection of ten stories written by Graphic Design majors at Maine College of Art. The task was to design a book based on the prompt: Beliefs. The corresponding portraits, drawn digitally and traditionally, pull elements from each story to support the concept and tone of the essay. 


02 — Bike Trip


In the fall of 2014, my friend Amanda Monick took a month-long bike trip throughout Europe. I designed this book as a commemorative piece for Amanda to keep and share with friends and family. It is a token of reflection and inspiration. The bike routes, events, notes, and general research were gathered through texts and Skype calls.